A Cruise at 36,000 Feet

August 27th, my journey officially begins. An early 6am start to catch a National Express coach from Warwick Parkway Train Station.

The coach journey was as much fun as a coach can provide for a person with long legs like myself but I managed to nod off some before awaking to a scene of congestion; merely the hundreds and thousands of vehicles ploughing their way into the terminals at Heathrow.

The coach clipped a luggage trolley that had escaped the clutches of two teenage girls, sending their belongings sprawling alongside the kerb. The coach got stuck but was freed by an assistant and eventually parked. Everyone stared on haplessly.

My mother had decided to see me off at Heathrow for it was not definite when I would see her again, I appreciated her company if not her nagging and constant checks to see if I had everything but the kitchen sink with me. I knew it would be difficult for her to see me go but such things had to be done. We both were aware that this was an important moment, when the parent has to let go of the child, hoping that they will fly free and be strong on their own.

The queues were about as bad as could be expected thanks to the extra security checks in place. My hand luggage just squeezed into the maximum size restrictions enforced and thankfully was able to continue carrying my hard drives with me containing all my work and data (approx. 600GB worth). Continue reading

An Introduction

Hullo and welcome,  you have stumbled upon the sweet and sticky realm of online blog postings, where I shall be sharing my journey and experiences of a new country with all and anyone interested in joining me on this rites-of-passage trip. 

I am a composer, musician and creative digital artist.  I was also gifted with the interesting obstacle of being deaf, a blessing and a curse at many times in my life however there is no doubt that I would not be the person I became today without the challanges, and experiences such an impediment places on a patient and inquisitive person like myself.  

 There is much I can say on my experiences of life thus far but that can come in due course.

The main purpose of this blog or ‘online diary’ if you will is to allow people to join me as I find out what it is like to be a deaf composer in the yesterdays land of the free; the USA.

I shall be purchasing a car and visiting as many places as I can until my money runs out and I will be forced to settle down somewhere.  Hopefully I will know where that ’somewhere’ is before then.

 Feel free to bookmark my site and return back to read up on where I’ve been and the experiences I will have.

Till next time…