What am I here for?

An assessment of today, a look at what I have achieved so far since coming to America. It is eye-opening and intriguing to consider where I came from and where I am now.

 Never stop the thoughts

Thoughts run deep

Crucially it is a time to remember the real reasons I left a fairly cozy life in England and chose the challenge of making a life for myself in a whole new country. I was fully expecting it to be difficult, and have so far been proved correct with the tough times encountered and many obstacles to overcome.

Above all, I am happy, I keep a positive attitude at all times, even when things have been and are bad, I chose to bound over any set-back with a leap and a smile on my face. This has been the most valuable of all things that I have taught myself. It really does make things bearable. My motto or personal philosophy has evolved from telling myself “Everything will be OK”, to a more charged “Onwards and upwards!”.

In the nature of this self-reflecting post, I am pleased to share with readers a BBC radio interview that I partook in just before actually flying over here, almost 6 months ago. I have mentioned the interview in this blog before, but I only had it in tape form and no hardware means to convert it to a digital counterpart to put on here. That is until recently, my Uncle in Berlin was good enough to do the conversion for me and send me a CD. You may now hear it too by clicking on the little player below.

BBC Radio Interview

Listening to myself speak hither and thither about the dreams and aspirations I had back then, it dawns on me that they are still very much the truth, my passion is music, I am a composer and am happiest with a guitar in my lap and leaning over to tweak the soundscapes on the computer.

The realisation however that I have done next to nothing to actually put forth into action these aspirations, get myself into situations that would put me in a position to pursue my dreams did come as a bit of a shock and wake-up call. Why am I wasting my time trying to find gainful employment in fields that are only at best my 2nd, 3rd or even 4th hierarchal interest. This is New York, where dreams can come true. Where I am allowed to create such an opportunity for myself to live the life I want. There is all and everything in this little corner of the East US coast, should you look for it, you will find the things you require to play out your lifes passions. I haven’t been seeking such things till now, it is time to go hunting. What prize will I catch?

3 thoughts on “What am I here for?

  1. Hi Myles,

    Ive just been messing about on the lap top and found you!!!!
    Marcus and I have just come back from a lovely holiday in Crete and I feel renewed………..
    How is life for you at the moment? I hope it is giving you lots of stimulation and new ideas.
    Haven’t seen your mom in a long time but it sounds as if she is keeping very busy.
    Wishing you lots of love and wonderful friends on your journey.

    Bernadette xx p.s. Marcus says hi and want you to know he is really getting into his guitar x

  2. Myles!

    I’m all safe and sound in my lodgings in Berlin, dancing salsa, painting, visiting galleries and occasionally doing engineering. High time this blog saw an update though!

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