Myles the Magic Mushroom

Most critters of the nebulous inter-galactic plane find Myles to be an oft oxymoronic character, the jolly but nice, introverted type. Not afraid of ridicule, always ready to share a thought be it a spark of inspiring, blinding brilliance, or sometimes for good measure, a dud thrown in to keep people on their toes.
On this piece of digital space spread out before you is the canvas onto which ideas, thoughts, experiences and various forms of creation are shared with anyone with access to the Internet.

Currently Myles, freshly graduated from University in the UK, has decided to embark on a potentially life-changing journey through-out the United States of America and beyond. He is dicovering a country with much going for it and lots against. This young traveller decides to see for himself first hand what it is to be a deaf artist and muse in the land where hopefully you can forge the kind of life that you wish to live. He hopes to earn his place in the world and to be a good a person as he can be.

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