Pondering life in New York City, Pt I

These days, I’m constantly tired it seems. It’s 8:27pm here and I’m already shattered and thinking of reheating a frozen slice of pizza before packing in and calling it a night.

I’ve been trekking all over the city and procuring elite subway navigation skills. Sometimes fully laden down as needed in my laptop-in-a-rucksack ways, or otherwise with no burden and with a sprightly step.

Me unner'neath th' Franklin Roosevelt Drive-way

Sometimes I have a camera with me, sometimes no, but I always make sure to appreciate any deserving moment, and I tell myself “That’s beautiful”. It happens a lot, especially at twilight, when the skyscrapers awaken and the windows of light freckle up. I’ll try and capture a shot like that soon so it may be shared with you all.

Oh, and I’ve been experimenting with panoramas somewhat too.

NYC Franklin D Roosevelt Drive over looks Brooklyn

Walking under Franklin D Roosevelt Driveway, Brooklyn’s way over there! Aaaar.

I went over to Brooklyn to visit my mother’s old art teacher from her days at Pratt Institute, that was enjoyable, took photos, ended weirdly. Have to write that up here too.

It’s not just the insatiable furlongs of walking that are tiring but also this internship lark, PLUS a full-time continued search for PAID work. Bah, I suppose I shall have to vent about that in the following blog post won’t I?

I have to tell you, after a heavy days work interning, passing through the high-tech security (with a nod from the elevator porter) and exiting the posh high-rise office building (which also homes the likes of Google and up-scale design firms), and then heading to the Seaport Public Welfare Assistance center and applying for benefits plus temporary financial help feels really… weird.

Change happening before your very eyes

Just a note that I am making some (mostly visual) modifications to the blog.  Have been meaning to do this for a while.   So just wanted to enlighten people to the fact that they have arrived at (hopefully) the right place.  The blog for Myles de Bastion and his travels of the US.   It just looks a bit different.  Akin to ‘do not adjust your TV set folks, this is all intentional’.

 I won’t be keeping this design either as I have some fairly big things planned as well for the near future.  For now however, it should hopefully make it a little easier to read and follow my journey.

Let me know if there are any problems though, change can be painful, but keep in mind, it’s usually for the better.

Oh and there are some ‘catch up’ posts coming very soon,  ideal closure for the punter who feels hurt that I didn’t properly document how I got from Savannah back to Vermont in (mostly) one piece.  It was quite the experience I’ll have you know (very shortly, I promise).