Mini Dell Hell

Apparently my choice suddenly became a whole lot easier when it came to laptops as I browsed some notebook review sites and one had posted a special offer for all ‘Inspiron’ series notebooks from dell over $999.  A whopping 20% off with the coupon listed. A no brainer.

So I rushed (well as fast as a 31Kbs 56k country modem connection allows) to put together a custom build ‘Inspiron’ with all the best specs for my needs on their site.

With the latest core2duo processor, 17� screen and other goodies I ran up the ideal laptop for my work on the road, priced just over $2500.  The special discount knocked off $500 and so as you can imagine, I was pretty chuffed.

There was one problem though.. the offer expires on the 19th, a whole 3 days from the time I placed the offer.

I assumed that I could breeze through the purchase and just use my UK credit card as I still had the funds in that account overseas but Dell sent me an email saying that my card was refused..  Doh!


A whole 2 days later and I finally got an official answer that even though I am making a US purchase to be used in America,  the fact that my UK credit card has an English billing address,  it would not fit into their US-only database of addresses… Charming.

I particularly recommend the Dell phone sales support if you have an overwhelming desire to ride merry-go-rounds whilst repeatedly chanting order numbers, addresses and telephone numbers over and over again as you travel round and round from department to department greeted each time by overly apologetic sales reps with various accents that seemingly span the length and width of existing continents of this planet.  Weee.

Did you know there is actually a prerecorded message somewhere in the Dell system that says “You have encountered a problem, please hang up�?  One of the many, (un)amusing incidents that I had the pleasure of tearing my hair out for.

So the race is on to find another way to pay for the laptop or my super discount goes up in flames…  Discount laptop, to be or not to be?  Tune in later when all shall be revealed.

On a plus note I opened my Bank of America account yesterday and will be getting a VISA debit card but within 8 working days which, naturally, is no use for said special offer above.

Hmm ok that wasn’t a very plus note, let me try again.

On a plus note,  I stumbled into a music shop after braving the chilling ordeal of opening a bank account and bought myself a very, very nice Taylor acoustic guitar that fell in love with me (or possibly the other way around)..  More to come!

2 thoughts on “Mini Dell Hell

  1. All the more reason to pop down to your local Apple store and buy a pre-made Macbook Pro – you get good customer service and a great product.. but noo.. you have to follow your silly specs calculations and bargain hunting and look where it got you – Dell Hell! 🙂

    But anyways – reading through your blog here, fantastic stuff. I think you’re a pretty good writer, very interesting read, but yea, get that camera soon! Need piccies

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