I seek work!

Hullo peoples!

I have yet again, an awful lot more stuff to update you all on but that can wait, because for now I seek work.  Yes,  I have lost a banana,  Yes I am back in Vermont, No, my roadtrip isn’t over yet, merely put on temporary placeholder whilst I see to raising some much needed and often desired monetary funds.

For y’see, my cash is running out at a rapid old rate,  I tried repeatedly to minimise such expenditure by say, for example bi-weekly non-existance but it’s still not enough.

Therefore my new plans for the time being are to get some form of job and for the next few months sit tight and put right my bank balance.   If all goes well,  I hope to set off West properly once the Summer heatwave finishes climaxing and it gets safe to walk on tarmac barefooted again.  Unfortunately since we are cooking the skin off the Earth with various forms of pollutants and evil emissions, this might mean setting off sometime in late November.  At least I hope it won’t be that long.   We shall see eh?

Since Vermont is THE place to be if you are a tree, there are generally a disproportionate amount of lumberjacks, carpenters, luthiers and beavers in this area, employment rates are up for the wood-workers and way, way down for the creative digital artist like me.   Sure I could hole away (much as I am now) and create lovely works of digital art on my laptop including many a web-site which incidentally a lot of beavers have been requesting of me (mylogisbiggerthanyourlog.com, DamUsAll.org,  etc) HOWEVER,  this isn’t very fun to do all on my lonesome,  in particular I get frustrated when I stumble or get stuck on some of the bits that I’m as good at in web-site development and thus lose a lot of motivation.  I’d much rather be doing this sort of thing as part of a team, creatively collaborating as a small company.   This way you get to share the job and allocate tasks to people who have strengths in that area which makes for better productions in the end (greater than the sum of its parts etc).
Anyway,  so here in VT there are NO jobs going for companies like what I just described.  I could create the opportunity myself by seeking some like-minded individuals but at this point in time I’m not ready to commit to starting my own business or any such thing as that is quite the serious investment of time and resources.

Therefore my eyes drift south to the city of New York where I have spent quite a bit of time at already,  you only need to take a quick gander a classifieds posting site such as Craigslist to see the sheer volume of job opportunities in the field of creative digital services,  take a look for yourself,  just the web design section:  http://newyork.craigslist.org/art/ Impressive eh?  With dozens of jobs posted daily,  I’m sure to find something,  especially at the entry/junior level.
And so for for quite a while now, I’ve been sending out emails with resumes attached and links to my portfolio website in hope that I may land an interview.   However I was beginning to get disheartened because I wasn’t even receiving any replies let alone offers of a chance to impress in an interview.  despite sending my dozens of emails in answer to the dozens of opportunities getting posted that matched my skill set,  nothing was happening..
I began to doubt that maybe my portfolio good enough for the standards that they require,  or perhaps I don’t have enough ‘commercial’ looking examples that would reflect real life results if I were doing this type of work.   Yes,  that is probably it,  most of the contents of the portfolio are of the ‘arty farty’ theme,  actually reflecting the type of work I had to do as a Computer Animator at University,  but I don’t want to get a job in that field at this time..  Hmm.  So it looks like I need to urgently flesh out my portfolio with different types of work..
So whilst I was getting underway with that (actually no I wasn’t I was madly procrastinating,  although have some quite good excuses, more on that later)
I actually receive my first reply to one of my applications!

“Register with our site navigate around and call on Tuesday to set up an interview.  We will be asking questions about the site to you

but on Tuesday I got:

“Hey Miles
The position has been filled  Keep in touch”

So I said

“I’m glad you were able to find someone to help you guys, saddened it wasn’t me :)”

and then they said:

“Thanks Myles,
Stay in touch we are growing fast!  Seriously stay in touch!”

Which was nice.

So, that didn’t work out, and whilst I’m sure they are definitely growing fast, it probably won’t be fast enough to require to hire me in time to save my finances!   However I was left feeling better that this sending out applications and resumes lark was actually working.  However it didn’t seem to be working very efficiently..  sending 30 applications to get 1 response,   looks like I need to step up my game!

I wondered also if what I was writing for a cover letter was any good.  Usually it was a fairly formulaic affair stating why I thought I my skills were good for the job and what it would be like to work with me, all in quite formal prose.  So for a change today I wrote a more perky and colourful one for a graphic designer opening for a start-up company headed by in-fact a chap from London, who graduated the Royal College of Art called Paul Worthington

It went something like:


A little bit about me then…

Most critters of the galatic plane find me to be an oft oxymoronic character,  the jolly but nice, introverted type. Not afraid of ridicule, always ready to share a thought be it a spark of inspiring, blinding brilliance, or sometimes for good measure, a dud thrown in to keep people on their toes.

I have an excellent approach to work, sloppy back-handed perfectionist that I am.  I work very hard, very long and hard, and topsy-turvy, and going into overdrive when crunching to hit those all important deadlines

I am also laid back but always ready and willing to jump into action. Often, having mustered up enough steam, my hurricane of creation is an unstoppable all-coming monster wreaking havoc, both the good and bad, more fun that way.
I enjoy the titillating thrill of brainstorming and the rush of problem-solving.
At night I can be found, under the bed covers, basking the glow of a laptop screen, thinking and doodling new ideas and unique projects. they usually hit at odd hours like that.  Cheese helps too.

Since finishing up at University I decided to be adventurous,  to dump the smelly armpits of England for now and relocate to the States, land o’ th’ free and that.
Thus, I find myself seeking work in NYC.   I do miss my favourite bitter lager tho,  the creamy stuff,  if you’re reading this, you’re not helping! Mister Phil Worthington!!

So, if you dare,  interview me.
I may be contacted at all hours”

So this is the experiment there, did I go too far?  Or will I be rewarded for letting my inner inverted bunny-rabbit take over the reigns of typing for a moment.  Shall let you know if I get a reply or no.

There are some more things I want to say but the bunny wants to finish for tonight so I shall put him away and hope to see you guys all here again soonish.


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