A quieter New Years Eve

Aaah,  I thought I would be going to Times Square again or something for the count-down to New Years Eve, however I read some articles in the papers that were essentially ‘survival guides’ for the Times Square celebrations and I realised just how crammed and jam-packed the place is going to be.  Apparently once you’re there, you get penned in and cannot leave until midnight rolls by.  Add to that the large amount of security (mandatory rucksack searching by police) and the fact that the ‘bow tie’ area where they actually drop 7,000 pounds of confetti on the crowds gets totally filled up by 6pm.  Meaning that you wouldn’t actually see anything if you turn up later except maybe if you’re lucky enough to get a view of one of the large television screen…  Well not quite my idea of fun tonight,  especially on my lonesome.

So instead, I choose to practise my music theory in the relative peace and quiet of my Grandparents basement.  I run through the modes I’ve learnt on my newly acquired Yamaha Pacifica guitar.   Yes I have bought an electric guitar, finally I do my late-night recording sessions that I have missed so dearly.   Plugged straight into my Sound Interface Keyboard, and that into the Laptop, I can play and record in silence (thanks to headphones) in the early hours.   I will share with you here the good recordings as they happen!
Oh and the classic Marx Brothers movies are playing all night on public television so I might catch one of those too.

A happy new year to all and sundry.

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