Time to get serious

Alright, so hey, enough pottering about and hibernating in Vermont…

Neat VT Panorama, view from Chucks house

View from Chucks house, Plush snow

Pretty as it is, I’ve decided to take a big leap and get back to the hustling, bustling New York City with the sole purpose of finding work/career/a life to call my very own.

I’m in a very privileged position and have contacts in Manhattan that I am able to stay with while I find some grounding. In emergancies I can also retreat to Long Island where my Grandparents seem happy to see me. Being in the actual city environment for an extended period of time should offer many more doors to me that I wouldn’t otherwise get in the isolation of Vermont.

In fact the cue to get down to the city would to be due to an eager response to one of the internships that I applied for using the same ‘warped-prose-cover-letter’ that I showed you all in the previous blog posting. This company were quite impressed enough to demand that I come down to their office to see them as soon as possible. OK, so this wasn’t a paid opportunity but it’s crucial experience, great for the resume and may lead to some stable employment. The company had a great website and seemed to be producing/distributing really interesting films, documentaries and music. I really liked vibe they had going. Check it out mmmkay:

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I decided to take the plunge and come straight away to take up on this offer. I would potentially be able to find and take on some part-time paid work at the same time as internships are generally flexible with only 2-3 days a weeks work expected of you. You are volunteering to work/slave away for no pay after all..

Excellent, excellent, with some trepidation I make the first few steps to financial security…

I first did manage to squeeze in a visit to Karl & Susan, where we

spent a couple days together catching up (it’s been 3 months since we last met!?). My signing hasn’t suffered too much, but it obviously hasn’t gotten better. I did get back into the swing of it and was able to converse fairly well when I was asked the standard ‘Who, what, where why?’ questions at a Farewell Dinner Dinner we attended in Keene, NH, held in honor of Kelly (one of the Austine School teachers, I’m sure I mentioned her somewhere a while back in the blog). We also took a hike up the mount (will need to find out what it was called) that overlooks Brattleboro and the surrounding villages. It was fantastic actually, down at the base the trekking was warm and cozy, and then near the top everything was frozen, and what were puddles and little streams of water flowing down the paths, turned into mini-ice skating rinks to slip on and full on ice slides which made traversing upwards a real challenge. On the way down, I gave up on gingerly stepping around all the ice and bent down into a crouched huddle and used my hands to steer and propel myself avoiding non-iced areas, slalom style . “Weeeeee!”. I regret not taking a camera to document this bout of extreme fun but I probably would have smashed it up with all those bruising slips and falls.

That evening I took K & S to meet my father and watch Ben Monder (incidently from NY) play some awesome instrumental ambient jazz guitar at the VT Jazz Center: http://www.benmonder.com/

Ace. Stuff, Yes.

Well, back to now, a very exciting time and possibly the least predictable of all situations I’ve been in so far, there’s no telling where I am going to end up in the coming weeks.

Undoubtedly lots more to come. Keeping your sticky eyes peeled an’ that!

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